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Music Showcase (originally named Nard's Instrument Repair) was founded in February, 1973 by John A. Nard as a service center for band instruments. John began by repairing instruments in his home. While earning his music education degree from Youngstown State University, he had worked as a repair technician at Veri's House of Music and played saxophone in his band, The Skylarks. John began teaching elementary band students in September, 1970 at the New Castle Area School District. It became obvious that the parents of his students felt inadequate obtaining an instrument for their child. In many cases the instruments available were counterproductive. They were paying too much for inferior instruments that were poorly designed. It was very difficult for their children to play. On December 5, 1975 documents were finalized for Nard's Instrument Repair to be a franchised Yamaha Band Instrument Dealer. The original rental program was developed from parental feedback. The 5 features that were put into place at that time are still part of today's rental program:

The number of rental contracts increased and John's wife LeeAnne became more than a business supporter. She began typing monthly statements for each rental customer in addition to teaching vocal music in the Thaddeus Stevens and Lincoln-Garfield elementary schools. Although the rental program and repairs were growing, an expansion was not planned. However, one Saturday evening John was reading the paper before going to one of his many band jobs. While browsing the classified ads he saw a picture of a small building for sale. The following Monday he called the realtor and made an appointment to see the property. Within a very short time John and LeeAnne owned the former North Side Community Church Building on Wilmington Road. The time between January 20, 1982 and October 1, 1982 was very intense. The meetings with architects, builders, manufacturing reps, prospective teachers, graphic designers, and bankers were long and tiring, but the result was the birth of Music Showcase. The grand opening occurred in the middle of the school rental program. The store not only included band instruments and a repair shop, but also Yamaha Pianos, various guitars, amplifiers, sound systems, organs, and teaching studios. The years have gone by quickly. Many parents have been able to afford their child the opportunity to play in the band because of the easy rental plan at Music Showcase. Thousands of children and adults have taken lessons. We have been able to repair instruments as fast as they were broken. The list of instrument manufacturers has increased to represent the most famous ones in the music world. They have included Fender, Peavey, Yamaha, Bach, Conn, Leblanc, Ludwig, Roland, Alesis, Selmer, King, Armstrong, Fox, and Holton. The future looks bright. We continue to provide the best quality products and services at an honest and fair price. Our goal is to give everyone in the family an opportunity to enjoy making music. We want people to know and trust us. Our commitment is to the customer, our most valued commodity.

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