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Q: Do we have to pay for repairs while we are renting our instrument?

A: We take care of ALL warranted repairs during the lease period. Any adjustments needed through the normal wear and tear of practice and playing, are free! We do not cover any damage done to the instrument through neglect, however. For example, if the instrument was dropped or sat upon, you would be responsible.

Q: My mouthpiece is stuck in my trumpet. What should I do?

A: DON'T try to use household tools! There are special "reverse vices" made just for this purpose. We never charge to remove mouthpieces, so why risk damaging your instrument?

Q: A pad has just fallen out of my daughters older clarinet. Can I super glue it back in?

A: No. Super glue is not really the right kind of bonding material for this job. The other important consideration however, is the danger of dripping glue onto the instrument itself (not good). It is best if you have us do the inexpensive repair.

Q: A friend of mine has an old saxophone for sale. How much is it worth, and should I buy it?

A: There are some incredible values on used band instruments out there. Some of them require just a few minor adjustments, others need a major overhaul. We'll be glad to look at the horn for you and give you an estimate on the value and the needed repairs before you buy. Many people are willing to sell an instrument with the understanding that they will pay for the necessary repairs (which many times are less than $45.00 or $50.00).

If you would like to ask our service technicians a question, feel free to send us a note.